Nikita Polyakevich, team member

One day, while sitting at home, I came across an ad in the Internet about magician’s performance from London on the pedestrian street Karl Marx in Minsk. I was very interested to see this performance and started looking for friends to go with them there. All in all, I did not find anyone to join me and went alone. And it was the first time when I got acquainted with amazing BLUE SKY team.

A few days later I was invited to the Blue Sky office, where I saw the rest of the team. And literally immediately, Jun told me that I can come at their next event and help. I came, was given a camera, and got explanation of how to use it and that was it! My participation at BLUE SKY projects started with photography.

By the way, I cannot but mention the director of BLUE SKY TALENT COMPANY – Jun! Insanely positive, a wonderful organizer, an amazing person with a lot of crazy (in a good sense) ideas. Jun could work day after day over something and still have time to pay attention to every person who asked him for help. I am grateful to him for my 3 year participation in all exciting projects.

I met a lot of friends  during my volunteering. Masha Bokatyuk, Polina Rogozhkina, Edward Hilsam, Margarita Malyshchik, Andrei Rozhkovsky, Tom Ward, Lorenzio Iannoti, Zhenya Novik, Medea, Valeria Dele, Katya Kozenkova Stefania Clonova, Masha Zharnikova, Sergei Dovgal and others.

I am happy that such projects exist because they help talented people find each other and make their ideas come true. Everything that I feel about the project can not be expressed in words, it is somewhere much deeper, in the heart. This is the path that everyone must go through. And remember, we are all TALENTED!