Why Belarus #4. Ei JunGue about Lorenzo Ianotti

Some months after Tom Ward’s tour in Belarus I was contacted by my Australian friend Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe, the director of Boom Entertainment by design. She was impressed very much by my work in Belarus and all the event me and my team have organized and asked if I wanted our good friend Lorenzo to come and tour Belarus. I was just too excited about this possibility as I knew he was the most amazing tenor of Italian-Australian decent having the voice comparable to my favorite singer Andrea Bocelli.

By that time, January 2014, I had limited funds and said that I would love to have Loreonzo come but I can’t sponsor his trip unfortunately, as I did previously. Michelle said that it’s not a problem and together with her entertainment company in Melbourne launched a Fundraising Event ‘Blue Sky Angels’ to raise money for the organization Blue Sky Talent Company in Minsk, Belarus for the Lorenzo Belarus tour.. She also wrote together with Lorenzo Iannotti and recorded the song ‘Blue Sky Angels’, dedicated to the organization Blue Sky Talent Company for the amazing work they provide to orphanages and homes for people with disabilities.

Ei said that Michelle did incredible work and was blown away by her energy that she gave so tirelessly for all the days leading to this amazing fund raising event as well as coordinating the whole Lorenzo to Belarus tour.

She organized a high-level event where popular Australian musicians, dancers and entertainers performed for free to collect money for Blue Sky Talent Company. Beyond all expectations, Michelle and friends managed to fund raise over 10 thousand dollars! This money sponsored Australian tenor – Lorenzo Ianotti – flights as well as full trip & tour to Belarus, and extra funds to donate to Belarusian charity.

Before Lorenzo’s visit to Belarus I met him several times in Melbourne. Michelle introduced me to him during his performances and I was completely overcome with his gift of singing and his fun personality.

Interesting to mention that at the time when Lorenzo arrived in Minsk it was winter, and in Australia it was autumn. But the 20-degree difference didn’t scare the Aussie musician.

 Lorenzo had a magnetizing effect on Belarusian listeners. He sings over 500 songs and in several languages including Italian and Chinese. Everybody freezed when they heard his melodic voice. I think for everybody who has ever participated in charity concerts at boarding homes or mental institutions – this experience was forever in their memories. The same strong influence also was felt by Lorenzo: from visiting institutions for adults to children’s hospices.

From Ei’s point of view the greatest effect Lorenzo had on the audience is when he asked somebody from the audience to sing with him.

You simply should have seen these people’s eyes. They were shinning when they sang with Lorenzo. I can truly say that it was one of best moment in their lives. Our Blue Sky team member Sergey Khodnevich told me, “Mr. Jun Ei, this is the best day of my Life!” as he had also a dream to sing one day the Phantom of the Opera and with Lorenzo inspiring Sergey, he stood up in front of an audience and sang with the biggest smile.

Besides charity events, Lorenzo the Australian singer gave numerous master classes at Blue Sky Talent Factory and was interviewed at local Minsk Belarus Radio Station.

As with previous foreign guests, Lorenzo could not stay indifferent to a place that hit direct in his heart. When departing form Belarus, he said ‘This is not goodbye, just a thank you – I will be back!’

Michelle Schembri-Luscombe and Lorenzo’s work proved ever so powerful to making the first financially viable international artist charity tour to Minsk Belarus by shear desire to do something good for others without any expectation in return. They continue today in their home town of Melbourne Australia with their music & entertainment business “Bloom by design” and charity work.