Medeya Tsulukiya, team member

…I was scrolling my Vk news-page when I suddenly came across to the post about Dom Talanta. All those nice photographs with smiling people made me feel like I need to see this place.

That very day – the 13th of July 2014. I was just a 14 y.o. girl, who came into the “House of a Great Fun”. There were some master-classes, workshops held by professional dancers, singers and artists. I had been absorbing everything like a sponge, and it was worth the deal – Dom Talanta and Blue Sky Talent Company appeared to be the greatest experience in my life. 

I’ve been participating at Blue Sky activities from the first day of being volunteer and till the last day of my life! If my math are right it has been more than 3 years up to date.

My best memories go back to the first meeting, the first task, the first volunteer book…

Day after day our work was getting harder but interesting and really neat. Every day new ideas were brought, new people were coming. All the memories I keep in my heart are warm and nice.

Big events like Free microphone (even the process of preparing was enjoyable!), our team parties, especially charity events.

But the most essencial memory is that people there believed in my possibilities, allowed me to be involved in big deals. And the best feeling is full relaxation, when the event is done despite all difficulties.

To be honest, days spent with BS team are still the best in my life.

I have got more, than just friends, I’ve got a family at Dom Talanta! Isn’t it great, when your tutor becomes a ‘big brother’? Half of my close-knitted friends connected with DT. There are people I can rely on anytime: day or night.

Also, my life becomes more and more unusually interesting, as many of these people are musicians and artists. 🙂

The most important about Blue Sky is the worthless experience and investment in the future. I think BS work can help many people around the world. It’s all about to give and to receive energy, ideas, and happiness.

All the possibilities created by BS’ team, all the events was held – it’s not just for fun, it’s a great chance to become who you wants to.

Do. Be. Live. – that’s the motto of BS and it reflects what are we dealing with.

By participating at BS activities, people similar to me can gain such necessary life skills as attainments of communication, working with various people, and, undoubtedly, direct practice of these skills. For instance: I started volunteering when I was 14. And I still think, that the skills and experience I got are the most valuable and essential. 

Thanks to BS I sorted things out, formed my aims and got a basis to move forward. 

In Minsk we do have lofts, open spaces, time-cafes, contemporary art galleries, but there is still no place similar to DT. All you can do – just watch the performance or participate as a worker (the second is not always possible at all).

It’s a pity, but it’s all true – there is no place, which can continue DT’s work.

Guys, I love you and miss DT activities as much as it even possible.

I find it really hard to put all the emotions in one letter! Thank you!♥