Serhey Khodnevich, team member

My cooperation with the Blue Sky Talent Company began in the spring of 2013, when work was completed on the arrangement of the office of the company. Having passed the interview, soon i joined the team.

From the very beginning I was engaged in designing  of the studio under the leadership of Mr. Jun Lee. We were  constructing, creating and improving the space for Blue Sky Talent Factory. It was very interesting and instructive to adopt the experience of a specialist of this level as Mr. Jun Lee. I was surprised by his ability to explain complex things in a simple and plain language, to find simple and rational solutions to emerging issues.

Blue Sky Talent Company was an amazing place where everyone could reveal their abilities, express themselves, try something new. The atmosphere was so friendly and pleasant that it gave strength to believe in oneself who were shy or afraid to perform. It was nice to see the light of positive and good in the eyes of people who attended performances, events in Blue Sky Talent Company and Dom Talanta.

I want to believe that one day the Blue Sky Talent Company will open its doors again, not only in Belarus, but all over the world!