2017.12.02 REUNION / Blue Sky

On the 2d of December 2017, Ei JunGue initiated a reunion dinner with his Blue Sky talents. A reunion evening with past Blue Sky/Dom Talanta team members and volunteers.

Unfortunately, Ei couldn’t be present on the meeting but he recorded a message to all invitees and after had a live chat with everybody via skype:

‘I am glad to see you all again.  Today I want to launch together with you the results of our mutual 3-year work in Minsk, Belarus –  blueskytalentcompany.com. Here are hundreds of thousands of photos and videos, your stories and experiences at Blue Sky and Dom Talanta, and other current project of Blue Sky we are working on. I want us to celebrate together our great results and share smth that unites us – mutual memories together this day.’

Talking about memories, I want to mention that people really had many things to remember, and all of them kindly shared a few best moments of their life within Dom Talanta project..:

Vlad Makarevich, ‘First I came to Dom Talanta in December 2014 to show myself at Free Microphone… Many years passed since that time but I always remember this place with sparkling eyes. I have never seen such place as Dom Talanta where people were not shy to perform, sing, dance, organize events themselves… even if they were beginners and did it for the first time. Everybody there was extremely inspired and always did something. Unfortunately, Dom Talanta is not working any more but I am happy we have such cozy meetings from time to time… and you know, I am as economist, I do believe that everything has the period of recession. But after some time, follows the period of rise again, and it even can be better than it was before. I believe everything will be live again, and even better…’

Evgenia Martishko, ‘I want to highlight that at Dom Talanta was the spirit of belief: Ei created the atmosphere where people believed in you, that you could do many things and you are talented. And it worked..’

Elena Prokop, ‘I also want to mention that first when I came to Dom Talanta I felt a warm atmosphere of this place immediately. Nobody tried to show off, everybody stayed themselves and accepted other people the way they are. And it is the thing that is lacking now in my life… I am grateful organizers of this event for invitation, I am happy to see you all…’

Sergey Khondevich, ‘I also want to tell a short story about my experience. First I met Jun in spring 2013, and I worked with him on constructing and designing studio from its very beginning. And I learned a lot during this work from Jun… and it didn’t connect to my professional work. I learned dancing! and even singing. It was scary for me to try… but it was a fantastic place. And I believe it all will start working again..’

Ei also told about the possibility to restart Dom Talanta in the future, but with better planning and support. He told about new projects he and his team is working on – MusicBelarus.com, BEE-Y and Joxna. As interesting as It may sound, but all these projects connect to music. And as the majority of invitees were connected to the music in some ways, it sounded especially exciting for them.

‘I want not only to tell you about my ideas and work but also seek like-minded people and interested people to help us and work with us. So, if you find any of my crazy project fascinating enough to participate, please tell us. We would be happy to get any help.’

But on that, evening didn’t finish. After a small presentation and short dinner break, friends-musicians pleased everybody with nice music and in the end everybody left the meeting with the hopes and ideas: somebody advised Ei their help with article writing, with collecting information about musicians for Musicbelarus project, with giving for free space to hold similar format events in the future and even help with juridical local issues, if any. The offered help will not be taken for granted, and with the army of supporters and volunteers the world soon will know about … soon everybody will know 🙂

Till soon!