Evgenia Martishko, flamenco teacher, musician, singer

Opening of Dome Talanta – was the first time when I came there. Back that time my friend Anna Bagritsevich volunteered for Blue Sky Talent Company and did painting work for Dom Talanta. And it was her who invited me to this place..

When we came there, I found myself in a wonderful land with happy people around. Anna introduced me to the director of the studio – Ei JunGue. And I want to tell a few words about him. Jun is a very friendly, polite, super creative and heartwarming person and he could easily make everybody his friend. And even though he is a foreigner in our country and I could hardly speak his language, I just immediately had the feeling that i trust this person and that we know each other for a long time.

I was very impressed by the fact that it all was build and organized not by Belarusians but by a foreigner person. Jun just had the ability to unite people and guide them towards creating something new. I just adored this place as it gave people so many opportunities to practice, develop their skills and the command of the English language as well. And also, Jun took care of every single who participated in Dom Talanta activities and paid attention to everybody even if it was to the detriment of himself, he created this unusual for our reality atmosphere where people were smiling all the time and …  were simply happy.

Jun asked me about my talents. And back that time I was doing flamenco dancing and also I just graduated from musical university (I am a pianist and singer). Due to my work upload I was not a constant visitor at Dom Talanta, but even this short time that I spent there was unforgettable. I managed to give 1 master class in flamenco dancing and participated in music jamms.

My brightest memories connected to Dom Talanta are about ‘2+3 project’ organized by Jun, where 3 people in 2 days recorded 3 songs and made music videos. That was the best time.

Thank you guys.