Mikhail Izotov, participant of the Magic Minsk 2013 conference

I am an ex-military professional. I used to serve in the Strategic Missile Forces. In 2013 I worked as the head of the legal service of the consumer credit cooperative “Dokhod”. Lived in Veliky Novgorod, Russia. As I am a native Belarusian, I have been always interested in everything that happens in my native country. Magic is my hobby, I have been doing it since childhood …

I learned about the ‘Magic Minsk 2013’ conference from the Internet. I contacted Yury Mazurkevich, one of the organizers of the conference, and offered to come at my own expense (from Russia, Veliky Novgorod where I lived) and give a lecture.

I arrived at the conference at Blue Sky Talent factory first. Straight away from the train. Slowly the people began to pull themselves up. Thanks to the interpreter i could talk with the director of the studio Jun. On his initiative, by the way.  He was very smiling. And I was amazed at his asceticism. Being originally from Australia he was spending money to find talents in Belarus!

I found new friends at the conference – the duet called “Jarkie.” With some of the participants I have been already acquainted – with Vitaly Pavlogradsky and Julia. Previously they came to Veliky Novgorod (Russia) at my request to give a lecture and conduct classes about “Healing Magic.”

The main joy of the conference was in communication and exchanging of ideas. Remember that parable… if we exchange rubles, then we have a ruble, and if we exchange ideas, then everyone already has two ideas!

It was felt that people that organized the conference tried very hard and were as friendly as possible.

I was impressed by Vasily Trunov, from Novopolotsk. He took part in the project “Surprise me.” A sort of Belarusian Kulibin (Ivan Kulibin, Russian mechanic and inventor). All illusory props he made by himself! We had a talk about illusive invention. Vasily has some things to patent. Till present day i keep in touch with him. And by the way, Vasily is going to open an illusory exhibition on a permanent basis in Minsk.

After the conference, my new and old friends took me to Nikolai Ivanovich Barashno, a collector of electronic books about magic tricks. Thanks to his selfless asceticism, the library about magic appeared in electronic format.
4,000 books are about magic focuses on tapes, that I digitized. Now they are available to anyone in the open library.
I traveled from Minsk to Gomel in the evening. The train goes at night through Kalinkovichi. But this day to Minsk was delivered a famous icon. The station was cordoned off, and car were not allowed to come closer to the station. So, I had to walk a little …

Illusion forums, congresses, conferences, etc. are needed. Their major meaning is in communication.

With Vitaly Pavlogradsky and Nikolay Barashko we have an annual meeting 1-2 times a year. On the way to my hometown Gomel I always visit Minsk to meet with them.

I had a hope to come to Belarusian magic conference every year and present all the materials about focuses that i collected to Belarusian magic circle. But unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding with Yury Mazurkevich it didn’t happen.

Izotov Mikhail Vladimirovich has 14 copyright certificates of the USSR and 3 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions. 15 of them are devoted to illusory topics. The author of the illusion invention introduced into practice, for which he received the badge “Inventor of the USSR”. He was awarded with a badge by the Central Council of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers  as “Excellent person of invention and rationalization of 1989”.

Theses of the lecture by M.V.Izotov at the MAGIC MINSK 2013 conference, July 28, 2013 you can see here:

Mikhail Izotov (in green shirt)