Polina Balabanova, volunteer

I got acquainted with Blue Sky Company through my friends and my fist task as a volunteer was cleaning! 🙂 And since that time, every day was an amazing experience, that lasted for 1 year and 4 months.

My best memory is knowing the fact that I met so many amazing, talented, kind-hearted people with such a pure energy. And if to talk about particular memories… It is difficult to choose one, because I just remember 12745248 moments when I laughed a lot – and it was so great!

It was so cool to make friends with people not my age. I was a school girl while volunteering in Blue Sky, and it was such a great social experience to communicate with university students and those who already work. It was my first step in a world of adults 🙂 And there were so many talented and bright people!

Blue Sky gave an opportunity for everyone to show their talents! So many people understood that they worth something, they their talents can be appreciated. I also liked so much to be a part of Blue Sky’s charity events. And the best part was the atmosphere that attracted so many marvelous people.

All the activities I took part in in Blue Sky were valuable! And there were a lot of different activities. This was the magic of the place – activities there were all the time valuable, I couldn’t wish more.

A place to realize my talents! And to see other Belarusians realizing their talents!

Blue Sky is very unique, I’ve never met anything like this before and after. We have some creative similar places like “Space”, “Korpus 8″… But Blue Sky was different.

I wish you all great luck in all your projects! I am sure that you are changing the world for the better!!!